1 Handset Pick up to place or answer a call.

2 Message Waiting indicator. Displays solid red when you have a new voice mail

message. Blinks red during an incoming call.

3 IP phone screen. Displays date and time, phone station name, line extensions, and softkey options (except on the

Cisco SPA501G).

4 Line keys Indicates phone line status. 

When lit: Green: Line is idle. Red (steady): Line is active or in use. Red (flashing): Line is on hold

or there is an inbound call. Orange: Line is unregistered (cannot be used).

5 Softkey buttons Press a softkey button to perform the action shown on the label on the IP phone screen

7 Messages button Press to access voice mail. (This feature must be set up by your phone system administrator).

8 Hold button Press to place a call either on hold or to resume.