Insure Google Chrome is installed. If you can’t find it on the taskbar or in the start menu please try to install it:

  • In Internet explorer browse to
  • Click the “Download Chrome Now” button.
  • Untick the “Set Chrome as my default browser” checkbox and click the “Accept and Install” button.
  • Chrome should install, if any security warnings come up select to option to allow it to run.

Google Remote Desktop Install

Open a new tab in Google Chrome by clicking the button at the top of your browser

Go to

Click the then add

Chrome Remote Desktop app will now be downloaded to the Chrome App Launcher

Click the Chrome Remote Desktop then click add

Accept the Permissions

Then select either

  • Remote Assistance - Share your computer with 3rd Parties
  • Remote Access - Control your computer Remotely

Remote Assistance

Click the Get Started button that appears in the "Remote Assistance" box

In Remote Assistance click on the Share button.

6. This should bring up a window with a code. Give the code to the IT support consultant so they can remote to your system and assist.

Remote Access

Click the Get Started button that appears in the "My Computers" box, click it to display remote connection options.

Click Enable remote connections.

Chrome Will then download the Remote Host Installer

Install then Enter a PIN then click Ok

Now you can go to another Computer and Open Chrome Remote Desktop

Click on your Computer Name and Connect using the PIN