General Errors

Error: ‘An unknown issue occurred and Google Drive needs to quit’
Solution: sign in/out and then try accessing your files again.

Error: ‘Temporary Error (502)’: a long way to say try accessing your files again in a few minutes;
Solution: After that time, click on a different section of Google Drive to refresh the files (e.g. “All Items”).

Error:Your Google Drive folder is missing’: the Google Drive app uses a specific folder on your computer; this error occurs when you move, rename or delete that folder.
Solution: Click ‘Locate Folder’ when prompted if you moved/renamed the folder; if you deleted the folder, disconnect from Google Drive; you’ll be prompted to choose a new folder when you sign in again.

Error: ‘The Google Drive server encountered an error’: this means the app is unable to connect to Google’s servers
Solution: Click to retry connecting when prompted.

Error: Google Drive quits without warning
Solution: You’ll want to update your version of Google Drive if this happens more than once; download it from

Synchronization Errors

Error: ‘This file points to an invalid online Google document’
Solution: Hopefully you still have a copy of that file because it’s no longer available in Google Drive. If you still have it, put it in your Google Drive folder and restart the app.

Error: ‘The file on your computer is missing’: this means the file is missing from the Google Drive folder on your computer; hopefully you still have the file.
Solution: Try restarting the Google Drive app.

Error: Some files fail to sync: the Google Drive app will tell you if it can’t sync files if you click the Google Drive icon and then “View # unsyncable files”
Solution: Click retry. If that doesn’t work, close and restart the Google Drive app.