Each Blackberry is different so the solution my vary from Phone to Phone

Go to Setup > Email Setup

Select "I want to create or add an email address"

Select Other:

Enter exchange email address and password then click Next:

The BlackBerry will try to configure the settings automatically but will fail (at this stage, this is normal): click OK then "I will provide the settings":

(if the blackberry is detecting the server type the email incorrectly so you can manually setup)

Configure settings as follows then click Next:

  • POP/IMAP = NOT checked
  • Outlook Web Access (Exchange) = checked
  • Email address = name.surname@domain.com.au
  • Password = password
  • Outlook Web Access URL = https://outlook.com/domain.com.au
  • User name = name.surname@domain.com.au
  • Mailbox name = name.surname (without @ domain.com.au)

You have successfully configured your BlackBerry for use with 365 in Exchange mode