These emails claim to come from the ATO and usually offer a tax refund. Generally, they link to a fake ATO website asking for personal and credit card details or prompt you to open or download a file that will install a virus on your computer.

These emails can differ in appearance and level of sophistication. They generally state that you are eligible for a refund and tell you to click on a link or open an attachment to submit a form in order to receive it.

If you receive a scam email like this, do not attempt to open the attachment or download any files, as these may attempt to install a virus on your computer.

Example 1

The key indicators of this scam are that the email:

  • Comes from a non email address
  • States the currency of the money (An Australian wouldn't need to say it's in AUD)

Example 2

Key Indicators that it is a scam include:

  • The email not being personalised
  • Contains poor grammar
  • The links in the email is a non-governmental source