This article outlines the process for flashing a Polycom phone with new software to either update the handset or re-flash in the event of a software corruption.

Required Software;

Windows: OpenTFTP

Mac: TftpServer

Process overview;

  1. Download appropriate firmware for the Polycom handset.
  2. Start TFTP server hosting the firmware (available above) on an IP address on the same network as the Polycom.
    1. Ensure that the Permissions on the folder holding the firmware are set with full access.
    2. Ensure the correct Interface is being used for TFTP hosting.
  3. Boot the Polycom and change the server settings to look for the TFTP server to allow the phone to download the firmware/software.
  4. Watch to see if the Polycom begins updating or if it has an error. The TFTP server will show logs of files that the Polyocm is looking for and if the transfer was successful or if files were missing which can aid in troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Check that the folder containing the firmware has permissions set correctly. The TFTP software may not be running as admin/root and giving all users access can resolve some issues.
  • If you've tried multiple versions of firmware and they all fail, it is possible that the BootROM is an older version, try using an older version such as version 3.5 of the application software to get the phone running, and then update the BootROM and application to the latest version.
  • Ensure that the Polycom is getting an IP address and can be pinged by the computer hosting the TFTP server

For more information refer to the polycom FAQ's;

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