Locate the Staff Onboarding task by either browsing the category menu

Or using the search box.

Note that from this point onwards, additional options appears depending on your selection on some menus/check boxes and all bold fields marked with an asterisk * must be completed.

Select the correct staff type for your new hire. If your new starter has a PeopleSoft ID select New Employee, if your new starter is on contractor or is not entered in to PeopleSoft, select New Contractor.

Selecting New Contractor will ask you to confirm the new starter's day and month (year not required) for security confirmation (when calling the Service Desk for support). This information is automatically synced from PeopleSoft for New Employee. 

Enter the required user and manager information

Select the correct country location for your new starter

Once you have selected the primary country location, you will need to confirm office location. Note that some locations have multiple sites, it is important to select the correct office for reporting and setup

Enter the name and network ID that has the same access required by the new starter. Note that this will replace local domain folder access and permission only (access to local shared drives, Citrix applications, etc.). It will not allow access to shared drives or security groups on other domains

Select Yes if your new starter requires an email account, this will also setup access for Skype, OneDrive and SharePoint. If you select No then these accounts will not be created, no task will be generated and these would need to be requested separately if required. The clone email address is used to identify which domain the email account is to be setup on, typically it is suggested to use the clone from the previous step unless you have specific requirements not to.

If you require equipment to be setup for the new starter you MUST select YES. By clicking No you are confirming that no equipment needs to be setup for the new starter. This will not create a task for IT to configure any equipment.

After selecting Yes you will be presented with more options that will have additional options to select.

1. This will create a request a purchase a new desktop computer.

2. Select this task if you already have the computer at the desk or it has been returned to IT. You will be asked to identify the equipment and its current location.

3. This will create a request to purchase a new laptop, you will also be asked to confirm if VPN access is required.

4. Select this task if you already have the laptop or it has been returned to IT. You will be asked to identify the equipment and its current location as well as confirming VPN access.

Next you will need to confirm if additional software is required, clicking Yes will present a list of certified software that can be installed. Select all the required. Additional software, Microsoft Office is installed as standard

You will also need to confirm if there is an existing license to use, if you select Yes or Yes and Upgrade Required you will need to provide the license key or the SRM number relating to the previous install.

If you select Yes or Yes and Upgrade Required you will need to check the application that you have a license for. If you select the upgrade option, you will be asked to confirm which applications need upgrading and to what version

Confirm if the new starter requires an office phone, selecting No will not generate task. You will also be asked if there is a phone at the desk and the extension number on the screen so it can be reconfigured for the new starter

Enter the new starter's starting date, note that this does not guarantee setup or completion by this date

You will also need to confirm the department and cost centre for any associated cost, such as purchasing hardware or software.


Use this additional comments to add any relevant information that may assist with the setup of the new starter. DO NOT use this field to request additional items such as software, as it cannot be honored due to auditing processes