1. Go to Rules – Then select Manage Rules and Alerts

2. Select “New Rule”

3. Select the Option “Apply rule on messages I receive” Under the category “Start from a blank rule” click next.

4. Put a check in the box – with specific words in the message header.

5. Click on the blue underlined words “specific words” a new box will pop up. In this box, type the abbreviation for the day of the week you want this to apply to. I have it set for an out of office reply on Tuesdays, the abbreviation for the days of the week are the first 3 letters, Tuesday = Tue click add, then click ok.

6. It will take you back to the previous screen, just click next.

7. Now select “have server reply using a specific message

8. Click on the words “a specific message” in the step 2 box. This will open an untitled message. Leave the to, cc, and bcc blank. Fill in the subject line and the body of the email. Below is an example. Then click save and close.

9. This will take you back to the prior window. Make sure the information is how you want it, then click next.

10. You will then be asked if there are any exceptions. I had none so I skipped this by clicking next.

11. Now you are at the final screen. Check your information again. You can name the rule. Make sure there is a check in the box “Turn on This Rule. Then click Finish.