Before any configurations are made, a VPN account needs to be created on the Ubiquiti Firewall. 

The username will be the user's email address and the password generated by the Ubiquiti. This is a standalone password and not linked to any other systems.

Step 1:  On the user computer, open up settings and navigate to Network & Internet > VPN

Click on Add a VPN Connection

Step 2: Under the VPN connection, fill out as per shown below (but with the correct username and password)

It is important to make sure you have selected PPTP VPN Type

Hit save after you're done

Step 3: Navigate to Network and Internet > Network Connections

Right click on the VPN you just created and go into Properties

Under Security make sure the settings are as below


Navigate to Networking tab > IPV4 (Properties) > Advanced TCP/IP Settings and make sure the settings are as below

Step 3: Test the VPN and confirm that it connects.