Many of you would have unboxed your Dream Machine and attempted to setup via the Wizard on your smartphone. 

Unifi got close with this one but missed the option to configure VLAN 2.

Here's how you fix it.

You need to have an internet connection that is active.

Plug your Dream Machine WAN port into any LAN port on your working Internet Router.

The Dream Machine should configure and likely upgrade firmware. 

Once the Dream Machine is connected to the web and functioning, you should have a working network that goes:

NBN Device ---- ISP Supplied Router ---- Dream Machine ----- Your computer

Access the local controller on Your computer by going to or similar. You should see the familiar Controller page.

Go in to networks and edit your WAN network with the following:

Your TPG username, a password of noPassword (no really, use this password), VLAN 2, TPG DNS Settings as per below.

Because you are connected locally, you shouldn't lose connectivity while you apply this. 

Once applied, connect your NBN device to the WAN port of your Dream Machine and you should see a connection.